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What can we do for your farm?

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Dry Spreading

Cover Crop Application

Cover crop for wind protection is sugarbeets, grass cover crop for salt control in soybeans, cover for prevent plant acres, fall applied cover for moisture control, you name it and we can help. We are equipped to handle and apply  your cover crops from single ingredient plans to custom blends. We stock several common cover crop seed crops and can get most blends that you can think of quickly.


Dry Fertilizer Spreading

Fertilizing by air means that the application window is not limited by field conditions or plant size. Whether it is pre plant fertilizer or mid season top dressing, feed your crop when the it is optimal for the plant without having to wait until conditions are fit for the ground rig and your yield potential has already been permanently reduced. We have staff and equipment to handle the unique challenges of dry fertilizer and work with a variety of fertilizer suppliers to ensure timely response times.

Liquid Application


Pre Emerge, post emerge, or burndown our goal is to give you safe, accurate, and effective control of weeds on your acres.


When insects move into your fields every minute counts. We are the fastest way to control insects without added crop damage and wheel tracks.


Disease pressure seems to increase every season in the Red River Valley and farmers are seeing the ever increasing value in fungicide application on wheat, corn, soybeans, sugarbeets, potatoes, and other crops. Aerial application has proven to be the best overall means of delivering in season fungicide.

New and Alternative Products

Whether its controlling unwanted pests and disease or crop nutrition and fertility, the landscape of farming and application is always changing. We are constantly evaluating new products and technologies to see if and how we can use them to serve you better.

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