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Make the most of your wheat crop.

The wheat crop in Red River Valley often gets overlooked as nothing more than a rotational crop to set the stage most often for sugar beets the following year. While this may be the case it can still be well worth the investment to give your wheat the best yield potential possible. Depending on the years growing conditions this may mean one or several fungicide applications.

Fungicide application around flag leaf stage can control rust and other disease conditions that can rob yield potential early on if plants are infected. The next and probably most popular fungicide application timing in this area is at heading. This is typically to prevent head scab caused by fungus that over winters in old plant residue. This can cause severe yield loss as well as hurt the quality of the grain that does make it to harvest. This application at blooming has a relatively small application window to get maximum results so some extra time spent scouting fields this time of year can pay dividends. And while scouting don't forget to pay attention to insect activity. In recent years our area has seen some increased pressure from bugs such as cereal aphids. Treating for insects is relatively cheap when combining with fungicide application.

At Dakota Air Spray we are uniquely equipped to help farmers make these fungicide applications and hit the tight application windows regardless of the soil conditions at the time and when we make the application you won't be giving up your fungicide gains at the cost of wheel tracks in your crop.

There are several fungicides options available at varying price points to meet farmers needs. Give Dakota Air Spray a call if you would like to make a plan to protect your wheat this season. (701)-642-1300

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